We create a professional dream team that meets the needs of each project:


You need truly efficient products that support your strategic goals. Our taylor-made workshops will help you discover the best way to convey your message.


Quality imagery is a must. We'll produce informative, beautiful images that boost your message and seduce your audience.


Everyone loves a good story. We'll create a strong narrative that'll keep your audience engaged and guarantee a memorable message.

Graphic Design

Capture the attention and convey the message in simple terms. We structure content and present it visually in just the right way.


Empower users to develop tasks thorugh easy-to-understand and intuitive apps. We'll devise a gratifying user experience and an attractive interface.

For us working with LUMA has been the happy union of science and conservaction with the world of information and communication. We couldn't be happier. Marco Quesada | Director Conservación Internacional CR
LUMA has conducted the work with intelligence and commitment, delivering not only a great quality product but a tool that has enabled our organization to strengthen its alliances and approaches towards development and conservation.Vivienne Solis | Director CoopeSoliDar
LUMA is characterized by a professional, focused and reliable service. They've been by our side throughout our company's strategy development process. LUMA's work has always surpased our expectations. Mario Ruiz | Founder and Director Consultamed
Thanks to the video that LUMA developed, the audience understood the dream of my entire life in just two minutes.Jorge Gronda | Founder Ser Foundation
LUMA is one of the most reliable graphic design studios with which we've worked. They always capture the essence and present solutions and designs that meet our goals. Coupled with their professionalism, something unusual in this industry.Luis Chaves | COO Avantica Technologies
LUMA has been a strategic partner in several of our audiovisual communication projects regarding our social and environmental initiatives. LUMA has been able to listen to us, understand our needs and generate creative and efficient solutions. It's been a pleasure working with LUMA's team, always ready to offer us a top service.Irene Sandoval | Senior Communications Specialist Chiquita
What sets LUMA apart is their professionalism, responsibility and commitment towards their clients. Their response to our needs has always been positive, they have an extraordinary hability to adapt to our organization's conditions without compromising quality and excelence.Sandra Ramirez | Corporate Communications Coordinator FUNDES
Thank you LUMA for your great work! In very little time they were able to grasp the core message we needed to convey, going beyond our expectations. It's very seldom that one finds a company that can perform the work with such sense of responsibility and dedication, open and candid communication. We found all of that in LUMA. We share the passion for our mission with LUMA and that's why for MECO Foundation is such a pleasure to work with them. When the job is performed with passion, the results are unsurpassable. We look forward to working with LUMA in the future.Johana Cerdas | Director MECO Foundation
We were lucky to have benefited from so much creativity and great taste.Edith Zavala, Programme Director | CAMMINA
LUMA has a talented team that shows knowledge, creativity and endless resources to enhance the possibilities and solutions in order to achieve the objectives we've set. It's also very easy to work with them, they always keep a positive attitude and an open mind to tackle new challenges. It's an honor to develop my film with this company.Patricia Velasquez | Filmmaker
OLIVAfilms was born inspired by the work of Jacques Cousteau. Through his work, Cousteau showed us the world's oceans as if telling us a bedtime story. With LUMA as our strategic partner, we want to continue telling that story and to continue touching lives.Roy Prendas | Director OLIVAfilms
LUMA is a dynamic and versatile studio. They offer creative, efficient and effective solutions to the most diverse communicational needs. LUMA can sell a product and touch a heart.Glendon Ramirez | Musician and Entrepreneur
LUMA provides top-notch service with great attention to detail. We needed to supplement our internal UX team on a new project and they were able to get up to speed on the project needs quickly and started generating new ideas right away. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances is fabulous!Lorinda Jackson | Lead User Experience Designer

How we work

We strive to create the best products for you while avoiding any unwanted surprises. That's why we build them hand in hand with you following an agreed-upon process in which each part meets deadlines and deliverables.

First, we make sure we're all on the same page:

We the set goal and become very clear on the appropriate path to reach it. Do we agree on the objectives, audience, timetables? Can we identify the possible risks? This is also where we introduce the team, roles and responsibilities are set. It's also very important to identify the indicators that'll be used to determine the effectivity of the product. We generate enthusiasm and confidence around the project.

After we delineate what we need to accomplish, we need to determine the best way to do it:

Concept development is a very important step in which we devise the best way to present the information. Scriptwritting, production planning, mock-up presentations, storyboarding, reference consultations are some of the tools we use during this stage. The goal is to arrive to a clear blueprint of the final product that is both efficient and exciting. We go back to the writing board as many times as necessary in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the final presentation. Once we're happy, we can move forward.

Then, it starts to become real:

The idea and the concept take shape as we go into production. And it's a smooth process because we've thoroughly prepared ourselves in the previous stages: the rules have been set and the expectations are crystal clear. This is where we just play and have fun. We either go to the field and get the footage we need or sit in front of the computer and start creating from scratch. Once production is finished and before we start post production, you'll receive a report on this critical part of the process.

We have to make sure the product works:

Since we do not produce stand-alone audiovisual products but rather communicational tools that support your business strategy, we go back to those indicators that were determined on the kick-off meeting. Are we satisfied with the results? Should we modify and enhance the product somehow?

The final step, on-time and with all expectations met:

This is where we confirm, time after time, that proper preparation is always rewarded with the satisfaction of a product that works, fulfills the goals and remains pertinent and useful for longer period of time.

It all sounds very nice but...

Yes, there is an ideal process that should be met in order to ensure the best possible product. But not everything is always perfect and emergencies do happen. We wouldn't be very supportive if we weren't flexible. In face of sudden events, we react and use all of our accumulated knowledge to solve your needs within your time frame and budget. We aim to become your business partner rather than your service provider. Once we've developed a strong relationship with you, we'll have a deep understanding of your brand and your strategy which will enable us to create efficient, creative and strong product under pressure.

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