Thank you so much for making it this far on this webpage!

Homeward Bound is as much a science-oriented program, as it is a catalyst for social transformation. Creating social change is a tricky thing, there is no recipe for it. But this what we know for certain: a key ingredient is reaching critical mass.

By supporting me to participate in this global initiative to deepen my relationship with science (and policy) as it informs what is happening to our planet, you are adding your grain of sand to build that critical mass towards an already emerging reality. A reality which represents a very different way of working together; where all can contribute, where we all can tap into the collective skills of the whole, and where all have equal voice.

So how can you join forces with me? There are two ways:


It always comes down to it, doesn’t it? Truth of the matter is I need US$20K to be able to participate in this program.

Donating our of the kindness of your heart is greatly appreciated, but in exchange for donations from individuals, organizations, universities and even companies with similar values, we can also explore exciting opportunities of collaboration. Here are some ideas:

  •  I can impart workshops and courses sharing the knowledge I’ll gather throughout the program.
  • I can use this knowledge to provide consultancies on a wide range of subjects such as leadership training, skills visibilization, communication techniques, gender justice, etc.
  • I can create a series of communication tools to share the knowledge and/or  the Antarctica expedition experience.
  • I can act as an ambassador for a brand.
  • I can participate in wider programs to invite young girls to pursue science,  technology, engineering, math and medicine as a career.
  • The sky is the limit!

You can donate here


This one boils down from the  previous bullet points. The whole point of the program is to become multiplying factors towards a healthier planet and a happier society.

Now that you know a little bit about me and about the journey I’m about to begin, what can we do together to better our world? Let’s get in touch!