Podcast with Tamara Baumberger: Just go for it!

Tamara Baumberger has a message for all of those thinking about pursuing a career in science: Go For It! The World is With You!

We met in Samoa,  in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. While on the island, we made a sudden decision to hike up Mt Vaea. We were both wearing flip flops and had a limited amount of water, but we still went for it. It was a two-hour long hike which was accompanied by pouring tropical rain. The mountain became extremely muddy and slippery, but we made it back safe. Almost… because walking back to our ship, I slipped and fell in the middle of the street, hurting my knee. That’s what you call Murphy’s law. I only tell you this story because we will mention it during our conversation.

She holds a PhD. in Marine Geochemistry and works with hydrothermal vents, submarine volcanoes and methane seeps. She’s doing her Post Doc in the US at Oregon State University.

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