To face Climate Change, we need to achieve Gender Equality in science.

Science is fundamental to solve some of our most pressing global issues.

If humanity took advantage of our best minds, both female and male, we would find better solutions, faster.

Why are there so few female leaders in STEMM?


How do we get there?

Giving tools to women who are already working in science, so that they can advance more, and inspire other women and men. Helping them to create positive change amongst the people they interact with and the world in general.

It is more common for women to doubt themselves, and to suffer from “impostor syndrome”. So it is key to strengthen our leadership skills, strategic thinking and abilities-visibilization, so that we increase our self-confidence and become more assertive.

This is an amazing project doing just that

3-I come in

This is where I come in!

I’ve been selected to be one of 100 STEMM game-changers in Homeward Bound’s fourth cohort!!!

Me and my fellow adventurers will share 12 months of leadership development, culminating with a 21-day expedition to Antarctica. We come from 33 different countries, and we have in common a passion for STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Medicine).

I’m going to need your help.

What would leadership be without some challenges, right? Presently, I must conquer two of them:

  1. I need to raise US$20K. A big part of the program is being covered by generous sponsors, but I still need to cover some other expenses such as flight tickets, Antarctic clothing, accomodation, ship berth, and some symbolic program administration fees.
  2. I also need to build a network of like-minded people, so we can get to work and continue tipping the scale! This is not about me and enhancing my skills. This is about igniting meaningful change in a much larger scale.


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This is why I was chosen:

“Monika’s expertise in science communication and her potential to lead and enact change made her a natural choice for this highly sought-after leadership program.” Homeward Bound Project

My career has been driven by a passion for storytelling, translating complex concepts into engaging messages. I am especially passionate about working with NGOs and research organizations on projects of social and environmental value. My company, LUMA, has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes craft their messages and communications strategies. Nowadays, I develop bespoke audiovisual products to draw research and knowledge closer to decision-makers and target audiences. To me, communication is the key to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

Let’s begin a conversation!

This is me, explaining why I want to join Homeward Bound